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Garden Trends We Love: Outdoor Spaces

Spring has a way of creeping up on us every year, and with the subzero temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately it seems this year will be no different. That’s why we’ve focused this week’s Garden Trends We Love on Outdoor Spaces…

Garden Trends We Love: Pollinators

We’ve observed many trends come and go over the years but the recent shift toward eco-consciousness and environmental responsibility is something we are very passionate about and hope is here to stay. Your garden can serve a purpose beyond growing different kinds of foods and looking beautiful – it can also play a role in the support of pollinating insects. Besides, without pollinators there would be fewer fruits, vegetables and flowers. Butterflies and pesky bees are probably the first that come to mind, but did you know there are actually over 1000 species of pollinating insects in Canada alone? Unfortunately these insects, especially bees, have suffered from disease, pesticides, and a decline in food and habitat. Fact is, 85% of our plant species rely on the work of pollinators – it is imperative to the survival of our eco system and food crops.

Garden Trends We Love: Edible Gardens

There is a growing DIY trend that is revolutionizing many industries – people are trying their hand at things we used to just simply buy. Food is no exception to this growing trend. There was a time when people had no choice but to grow their own fruits and vegetables, but there are an increasing number of people who believe we had it right the first time around. We want to know what’s in our food and the best way to know is to grow it yourself, or “GIY.” We see it in the form of backyard gardens, community gardens and even container gardens. In fact, it’s become so common that it’s rivaling flower gardening in popularity.

The Power of Plants

Plants have a lot more to offer than just beauty and fragrance. We believe that bringing plants indoors is probably one of the best things you can do for your home, office and family, but where do we even begin? Well, there’s the obvious health benefit – since plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, they essentially purify the air we breathe – but there’s so much more…

Spring Custom Container Gardens

Enjoy the photos of this year’s spring planters.

Fillers: Early Spring Annuals: Ranunculus, Primula, Snapdragon, Viola and Pansy
Fillers: Potted Bulbs: Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils
Fillers: Perennial: Dusty Miller
Spiller: Perennial: Creeping Jenny
Thriller: Branches: Pussy Willow, Heirloom Pussy Willow, Curly Willow