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Stylish Living: Garden Trends We Love: Outdoor Spaces

Garden Trends We Love: Outdoor Spaces

Spring has a way of creeping up on us every year, and with the subzero temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately it seems this year will be no different. That’s why we’ve focused this week’s Garden Trends We Love on Outdoor Spaces.

People are beginning to treat their outdoor spaces as an extension of the home, deserving the same level of attention to detail and design as their interior counterpart. Garden parties, outdoor entertaining and outdoor leisure are on the rise, so it makes sense that this outdoor “room” would be decorated as well. You can dress up your yard with outdoor furniture, lighting, garden ornamentation and accessories, and of course the garden itself.

Outdoor furniture

For entertaining, look for sectionals, deep seating, expanding tables and fire pits. For total relaxation, consider hammocks and swing seats – they’re coming back in stylish designs equipped with comfortable seat upholstery and cushions. We’ll see a lot of soft contours and rounded forms in high quality, sustainable products.

Shapes & patterns

Forget clean and straight garden lines – curves and patterns are off the charts. Whether it’s the shape of the plants themselves or part of the outdoor decor and accessories, circles, triangles, squares and curves will dominate. Geometric patterns are replacing floral patterns, tribal patterns are replacing tropical patterns. We’ll see this especially in decorative accent pillows – chevron patterns are hot!


Brights and Neutrals: Balance will be restored by pairing brighter colours with neutrals and corresponding hues.

Black and Whites: We’ll see these in softer tones, taking the harsh edge off the stark contrast. It feels modern, upscale and chic!

Myriad of Blues: Blue is big this year. We’ll see different shades rolling back into each other – azure, ocean, sapphire, turquoise, cobalt, teal and navy. Use it for outdoor accessories, cushions and even furniture.

Neons: Play up an electric colour with white and neutrals.

Outdoor lighting

Look for more than just functionality. Cordless energy saving lamps are growing in popularity and fire bowls are an excellent natural way to add a lighting feature to your outdoor room. LED lights continue to thrive and can be placed under (up lighting) or above ground (down lighting) to illuminate garden pathways and show off plants and trees.

Garden ornamentation and accessories

Add some glam to your decor with beads – from garden art, plant hangers, baskets and accent pieces, beads are everywhere in home and garden decor. Even bird feeders and pest control traps are available in beautiful designs.

Container Gardens

There has been a growth spurt in professionally designed containers that provides the client with a colour-coordinated, environment-specific look for their home. As we saw in our first trend, more and more people are growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, but they’re also mixing it up with annuals and perennials. There’s a better understanding and appreciation of the beauty in using texture and colour through foliage. As for colour, we’re seeing more of a toned down look with plants of similar shades and lighter colours. Did you know that white plants brighten and lighten the look of a garden, especially at night?


The need to reduce water consumption is driving the demand for drought-tolerant plants such as ornamental grasses, perennials and native plants. Large fountains and ponds are out, and rain gardens, rain barrels and water efficient irrigation are in. Neat and tidy plant lines are being replaced by curves to add shape and dimension to gardens.

Technology can be surprisingly useful in the outdoors as well. With the use of smartphones, tablets and computers we’re now able to control things like fire pits, lighting and shades. High tech gardens can save you time and energy, so you can get back to enjoying that bliss and balance in your life.